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New Thinking for a New World – a Tällberg Foundation Podcast

Aiming to provoke people to think — and therefore act — differently about the issues that are shaping our future, the Tällberg Foundation is sharing insights from distinguished leaders from different sectors and geographies as we explore the most pressing issues that are challenging and changing our societies.

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A New Middle East

“I think we are in the very, very early stages of what could be re-imagining what the Middle East looks like and how it operates. What I’ve watched over the last several years is a shift in mindset, a shift in attitude, younger people are tired of conflict, they’re tired of ideology. They want solutions. […]

Does Democracy Have a Future in Latin America?

 “So to a large extent, democracy, it’s a pleasure that only the wealthy can afford to have. For the poor, satisfying the immediate needs might be way more important than democracy.” — Patricio Navia “I think that democracy it’s not at risk, but probably violence could be around the corner. It does not mean that […]

Welcome to the High-Tech Barbecue

“Today, we’re using 1.7 times the resources planet earth puts at our disposal, and we really need to change the way we produce our food if we want to preserve the planet for future generations.” — Didier Toubia Agriculture as it is practiced today—industrial scale ranching and farming—is already a huge contributor to the accelerating […]

Heart of Darkness

“…the longer I spend working on Africa and traveling around in Africa, the more it is born upon me that the nation-state is a fragile and recent arrival in Africa and that ethnic identity holds the key to everything. And that our problem as Western countries, we often confront Africa, assuming that the countries we’re […]

Leadership Special: Fio Omenetto and Bright Simons

  Today’s world is short of a lot of things—sustainable environment, peace, prosperity, equality—but what we lack most is innovative, global, values-based leadership. If we can find and nurture that kind of leadership, the rest will follow. Listen as two Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership prize winners and friends, scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur Fio Omenetto, and social […]

The hope of our future

Filippino national hero Jose Rizal allegedly said that “Youth is the hope of our future.” When it comes to governance, is that a good thing in a world where there is a growing body of evidence that youth’s satisfaction with democracy is declining in many countries? This decline—in absolute terms, as well as relative to […]

Leadership Special: Jan Eliasson, Former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

Today’s world is short of a lot of things—sustainable environment, peace, prosperity, equality—but what we lack most is innovative, global, values-based leadership. If we can find and nurture that kind of leadership, the rest will follow. The Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize named in honor of Jan Eliasson, one of the most accomplished global diplomats of […]

Alone together: China and America

  “We have gone…more than two years of trade war between the United States and China. And that of course does nobody any good. And in fact, it has not changed anything, China’s surplus with the United States remains, America still runs a large trade deficit”. — Weijian Shan   It wasn’t that long ago that […]

Girls, Interrupted

 “I think it is a crisis of a dimension that is going to be even bigger than the health crisis that the pandemic has been, and it’s going to have an impact for generations…Once a girl has lost years of education and once she’s dropped out of school, there are all sorts of social […]

Leadership Special: Nithya Ramanathan, Engineer working to improve human health with sensory intelligence

Today’s world is short of a lot of things—sustainable environment, peace, prosperity, equality—but what we lack most is innovative, global, values-based leadership. If we can find and nurture that kind of leadership, the rest will follow. In this special episode, you will meet Nithya Ramanathan, one of the three 2020 Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership prize winners. […]

The Chinese Puzzle

“The project of the Communist Party of China, and broadly speaking, the Chinese revolution, even before the CCP and the PRC, was to restore China’s position in the world to one in which they could contend with other major empires, other major powers. But I think they’ve taken that further now and see it ultimately […]

The kids are not alright!

“1.6 billion children…had their schooling disrupted at the height of the pandemic. That’s 92% of the globally enrolled student body. Those of us who were in scenario planning and talking about responding to disruptions never would have put that type of figure on the table before this pandemic. So there isn’t a community, there isn’t […]

Leadership Special: Jared Genser, international human rights lawyer

“The way that I conduct myself as a leader is that I try to inspire by my own actions. I try to give my staff, for example, of my law firm who are brilliant, the ability to run full speed ahead, and obviously be in direct touch with clients and to do all of that […]

The best of times, and the worst of times

“I personally believe strongly that there are more things that bring people together than tear them apart. They just haven’t found that yet. So I guess that our theory is that through activism, through participation, you can realize how much you have in common with people around you, that also want to live in peace, […]

If it’s illiberal, is it democracy?

“Step-by-step, we get used to the limitations of our democratic freedoms and rights. So, for example, COVID enabled our government to ban public gatherings. That is one of the crucial things in democracy, to criticize the government…And I’m afraid that some of the limitations will stay with us for not only in this interim period, […]

Leadership Special: Sylvia Earle, world-class oceanographer and educator

“When you fall down, you make mistakes, and that’s how you learn. If everything’s always smooth and you never encounter any problems ever, I think you don’t develop the courage to tackle whatever comes your way. So, you learn from falling down, you learn from getting knocked over by a wave, and not letting that […]

Casas Muertas

“Venezuela without Maduro is a Venezuela that could be a country with plenty of opportunities. A country that first of all need to be safe, especially for young Venezuelans. A country that could again explore oil, but also could diversify its economy. A country that could be one of the best countries to visit in […]

When is too much freedom too much?

“The question now is do we believe that completely unregulated speech on the social media platforms and the internet will, the way that it’s structured, really result in a good outcome because good speech can counter bad speech? Do we think that that’s still true? Or do we think that it’s not true? And if […]

“Expect to have very violent reactions after the pandemic”

“I am struck that the bad guys—Trump, Boris Johnson, Netanyahu—have been able to handle this crisis infinitely much better than the good guys in Europe—Macron, Merkel, von der Leyen and so on—who have been highly bureaucratic, slow, incompetent.” — Pierre Lellouche   Europe has had a bad few years. The struggles between North and South […]

Iran’s Annus Horribilis

“I think among the political establishment, survival has somewhat emboldened the Iranian leadership. They feel strengthened by their ability to push back against sanctions. They feel strengthened by their ability to empower the domestic economy despite sanctions.” — Dr. Sanam Vakil “So, in spite of all the difficulties, we must admit that Iran is surviving […]

High Anxiety

“As a result of the pandemic and its ongoing nature, we’re seeing that people’s coping resources are sort of wearing thin. We’re seeing depression develop, anxiety, panic, people turning to alcohol to help them cope and people even thinking that they’d be better off dead or having thoughts of suicide.”  — Dr. Jonathan DePierro “In […]

Do you believe in Magic?

“I constantly compare where we are right now with Zoom communication and other platforms to movies in the 1890s and television in the late ’40s, early ’50s.” — Mark Mitton The pandemic has forced most of us to move from real life to virtual life—and we are mostly unhappy about the results. It’s not just […]

Looking for a New Normal (or something like it)

“I think the new normal is, first of all, all of us have to stop and reevaluate what we are doing and how we’re doing it.”  — Sandra Breka We live at a time of pandemic, recession, growing doubts about the future and form of capitalism, challenges to democracy, shifts in global power. The response […]

“A republic, if you can keep it”

One of America’s most revered founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, allegedly used those words to describe what kind of political system the writers of the U.S. Constitution had created. The amazing events of recent weeks—Donald Trump’s concerted efforts to undo an electoral outcome that he didn’t like, the assault on the Capitol, and the impeachment of […]

Lines in the Sand

“We all know what the major hotspots are, it’s China in the South China Sea, and Korea and North Korea and the atomic bomb, it’s Iran and their quest for a nuclear weapon, it’s various issues in Mesopotamia, Iraq, and Syria, all across Africa, there are a host of red lines that mostly delineate where […]

Welcome to the Brave New (digital) World

“Things have been changing and evolving so quickly, that what surprised us nine months ago doesn’t necessarily surprise us anymore. Initially, it was just surprising that people could actually work while remote, that it was possible to get things done. Actually, people were not only working, but they were showing up more productive. People were […]

Why Europe?

“I think by tradition, by history, by culture, by philosophy, the model of the way of life in Europe is in a way better for people, better for nature ,at least in the concept we have of what’s good and bad, than in the rest of the world.” — Pascal Lamy Pascal Lamy, former Director […]

Follow the Science

“At the end of the day, we are all part of the same global population, and that virus does not recognize countries. It does not recognize races. It does not recognize ethnicities. We’re all in it together.” — Dr. Ali Nouri 2020 will probably be remembered as the year of COVID. But perhaps more importantly, […]

Live and let live

When we started at CTPH people were like, “Why are you combining conservation and public health? Why are you combining animal health and human health?”…but we’re glad to see that we’re seeing benefits…We’re seeing win-win situations for both people, animals and the environment”. —  Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka 2020 will be remembered as the Pandemic Year, […]

Democracy in America

The U.S. election has come, but not quite gone as President Trump continues to resist the otherwise apparent victory of Joe Biden. Notwithstanding that drama, what did the voting tell us about America, Americans, and democracy? Scott Miller, political and business consultant, and Josh Steiner, investor and adviser to Bloomberg LP, are deeply immersed in […]

Amazonian Armageddon

Once again, the Amazon is burning—and deforestation may be approaching a tipping point that could turn the world’s largest rain forest into dry savanna or even dessert. What are the potential consequences? Why aren’t we terrified? Who should be doing what? In this episode of New Thinking for a New World, Alan Stoga talks to […]

Has China Won?

The competition between China and the United States is the defining geopolitical reality of the 21st century. The evolution of its new Great Game will determine whether our collective future will be one of prosperity or disaster. In this episode of New Thinking for a New World, Alan Stoga talks to Kishore Mahbubani, the renowned […]

Happy (?) Birthday

  The United Nations turned 75 this year—but the pandemic overwhelmed its birthday party. The UN, built in a different world, has succeeded in its core mission: preventing World War III.  But is the UN, as it is now constructed, relevant to the problems of the 21st century? In this episode of New Thinking for […]


Do you think we live in a world that is increasingly dangerous, full of not just Great Power competitors, but potential enemies? A world of winners and losers, where conflict and even war are possible? Such a world is described by General H.R. McMaster, a highly decorated U.S. military officer, former national security advisor and […]

Migrants (barely) Surviving

 Like a great magician, the pandemic has drawn our attention away from things that are hiding in plain sight. One of those has been the plight of millions of refugees and migrants who are in refugee camps or trying to escape from war, violence, poverty or other scourges. In this episode of a New […]

A World Divided

The world’s a mess.  The great powers today, the Chinese and the Americans, seem to disagree on most things. The UK has left the EU and the Europeans are split North against South, East against West. China’s pushing its neighbors. Russia’s pecking at Europe’s borders. Although each of those has its own story, is there […]

Africa Agonistes

South Sudan celebrated its hard-won independence in 2011, but today is considered one of the most fragile, even failed states in the world.  What went wrong?  Why are democratic governance and prosperity so elusive for the people of Sudan and much of the rest of the Horn of Africa? Peter Biar Ajak has answers and […]

A Silver Lining to the Covid Disaster?

Closed borders, hoarded medical equipment, confused policies, nasty summits. By any measure, the pandemic has not been the EU’s finest hour.  But has it been bad enough that even Europe’s current leaders realize they must do better?  Might the failures of the last months result in a brighter future for Europe? Ana Palacio, former Minister of […]

War, What is it Good For?

Turkey and Greece are locked in a struggle in the Eastern Mediterranean that feels like it belongs more in 1920 than in 2020.  Is war possible?  Will Greece’s European allies come to its rescue?  What happens if Turkey’s aggressive president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan miscalculates how far he can push the Greeks? In this New Thinking […]

Sometimes History Rhymes

One hundred years ago to the month, the collapsing Ottoman Empire was finally out of its misery in the Treaty of Sevre. However, in an echo of American author Mark Twain’s dictum that history never repeats, but sometimes rhymes, President Erdogan of Turkey today seems set on creating a new Ottoman power with reach from […]

Are We Really All in This Together?

  Why do we seem unable to work together to manage our common home? Is the Covid pandemic considered “global” while Ebola was not, because Covid has laid waste to rich countries, while Ebola did not? Is the failure of governments that we see almost everywhere actually the failure of citizens for not demanding more of their leaders? Cardinal […]

African Possibilities

At least so far, what plagues Africa is less Covid-19, than its consequences: collapsed economies, an industrial world that is closing to Africa, a deceleration (if not reversal) in globalization, a new “Cold War” (this time between China and the West), severe climate change, and the urgent need to grow and develop faster to serve […]


Why do nations, rich and poor, tolerate widespread slavery, human trafficking and even the buying and selling of young children in the 21st century?  These abominations exist everywhere and at a scale that makes them one of the largest global criminal enterprises.  How is that possible? In this episode of New Thinking for a New […]

The Covid Economy: Your Bust, My Boom

Like everything in life, Covid is producing losers and winners, not the least from the tsunami-like global recession it has spawned. It’s even possible that the pernicious economic effects will linger long after the pandemic has faded—and that the winners will still be winners. That’s one of the issues explored in the latest episode of […]

Is America Finished?

Why has America stopped investing in itself? Why do things—from cell phones to highways to schools to trains—work so much better in so many countries that used to look to the United States as their model?  Tällberg’s New Thinking for a New World podcast explores those questions and others with Christine Loh who is a […]

America: Darkness Before the Crack of Dawn?

Maybe this mess—a resurgent pandemic, collapsing economy, screaming politicians, and deep racial inequalities laid bare—is exactly what the United States needs.  Maybe the outcome will be a more normal country, instead of one that thinks it is exceptional. That might be better for Americans as well as for the rest of the world, argues Jorge […]

Are “we” capable of fixing all that is breaking? Or is it too late?

Looking for silver linings may be an integral part of the human condition.  Even during the bleakest moments—like during a global pandemic, a global recession, leadership failures and profound social stress almost everywhere—we try to find bits and pieces of positive energy and new ideas.  In this episode of Tällberg’s “New Thinking for a New […]

Is America Racist — if so, will it ever not be?

American Carnage or American Dream? It matters to everyone everywhere whether or not the United States is in terminal decline or (painfully) resetting the basis of its democracy and its society. If the former, the global order will change in incalculable ways, for better or for worse. If the latter, life after the pandemic could […]

First, help yourself – A Moroccan leader on coping with life after Covid

Like everywhere else, Morocco must cope with the potentially overwhelming health, economic and political consequences of the pandemic.  But unlike most places, the country has a well-designed, focused strategy to mitigate the worst of what is happening and, possibly, to position itself—and the rest of Africa—for a better future. In this episode of the Tällberg […]

The Millennial Future

In the midst of a global pandemic, many countries, leaders and people have turned local.  That is not all bad: some people are working to strengthen their local communities, exploring new grassroots solutions and showing support for local businesses. Could these contribute to a new normal that is more people-oriented and more sustainable?  Is it […]

Is It Possible to Be Optimistic About Climate Change?

   For the first time in 75 years, the whole world is focused on the same problem and, in the process, mobilizing unprecedented political will, state authority and fiscal resources as well as relying on scientists to build evidence-based policies. How do we transfer all of that energy to addressing even the larger, more […]

Is Europe’s Future Green or Black?

The global Covid-19 pandemic has exposed deep fissures in the global political and economic fabric. For democracy to survive, the social contract needs to be reimagined; economies needs to be re-engineered and climate change – that is now accelerating at a pace that could quickly dwarf the consequences of the pandemic – needs to be […]

The American Condition

 In this week’s podcast episode, Scott Miller and Josh Steiner explore the potential impact of the pandemic on longer term trends shaping the United States. What is the state of the Union? Has the American dream become American carnage? Covid-19 has laid bare many pre-existing fissures and deep distress in American society. Can the exhausted […]

Climate After Covid

Christiana Figueres—climate activist, one of the key architects of the Paris Climate Agreement and 2016 Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize winner—passionately believes that the pandemic offers a unique opportunity to focus on constructive climate action.  In this New Thinking for a New World podcast, she discusses the possibility of leveraging the massive political and economic resources that governments […]

The Value(s) of Democracy

Democracy is under huge pressure everywhere, made worse by the global pandemic. Too many governments in too many places are failing to deliver on the basic social contract with their citizens. In this podcast, celebrated photographer and human rights activist Shahidul Alam of Bangladesh discusses these issues from the perspective of a country which struggles […]

Will Democracy Survive Covid-19?

Democracy and democratic institutions were under severe pressure well before the novel Coronavirus appeared. Could the added burden of the pandemic break the back of democracy as we have known it? How worried should we be by governments proclaiming wartime powers and instituting new kinds of location and information tracking, all in the name of […]

Understanding Coronavirus and Its Implications

In this podcast, Anne Goldfeld, a scientist and doctor with deep pandemic experience, discusses what we know about Covid-19, what we still need to learn and why it is a global problem that demands a global response. Anne, who is Senior Investigator of the Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine and a Professor of Medicine […]

What Is a Thought?

Rafael Yuste, a professor of biological sciences at Columbia University and a 2018 Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leader speaks with Alan Stoga, the Tällberg Foundation’s chairman about recent and prospective progress in neuroscience. They discuss such questions as could our evolving understanding of the human brain lead to a new Renaissance? What are the implications of this […]

Grappling With the Unknown

In this week’s episode of the Tällberg Foundation Podcast, we listen to a conversation between Anne Goldfeld, Faustin Linyekula, and Saul Griffith who share their perspectives on the future and their relationship with it. The three 2019 Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize winners discover how their respective expertise – medicine, dance, and fighting climate change – are all […]

What Is the Future of Democracy?

In our second episode of the Tällberg Foundation Podcast, we listen in on a panel conversation addressing these questions. Panelists: Kenneth Lusaka (The Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Senate, Parliament of the Republic of Kenya), David Sperling (Research Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Strathmore Governance Centre; Kenya ) and Ulrika Karlsson (Special Advisor on Global […]

Unpacking a Tällberg Workshop: Hopes, Concerns and Red Threads

Our initial podcast was recorded in Nairobi, Kenya, after a Tällberg Workshop. Three members of the Tällberg Foundation community reflect on “New Thinking for a New World.” Optimism or pessimism about the future may have less to do with facts, and more to do with filters: young or old, local or global, African or western. […]
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