Is China Complicit in Ukraine?

Mar 17, 2022

Why did Xi apparently green light Putin’s war? What does China potentially gain from war in Europe? How does this war fit into China’s long-term strategy?

Jonathan Ward has been studying Russia, China, and India for nearly twenty years since his undergraduate days in Russian and Chinese language at Columbia University. Dr. Ward is the author of China’s Vision of Victory, a guide to the global grand strategy of the Chinese Communist Party which has been widely read in US government and national security circles, as well as by audiences in business and finance. He earned his PhD at the University of Oxford where he specialized in China-India relations, after initially being admitted to Oxford for a doctorate in Russia-China relations during the Cold War. He has traveled widely in Russia, China, India, Latin America and the Middle East, and speaks Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic, among other languages. As a subject matter expert, Dr. Ward has been an advisor to the US Department of Defense on Chinese long-term strategy and has briefed numerous US government audiences including at US Strategic Command, US Indo-Pacific Command, the US Department of Commerce, the US Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Strategy Division of the US Naval Staff. Through his consulting company, Atlas Organization, Dr. Ward helps Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions understand US-China global competition, improve their risk assessments on China, and build new global strategies that can withstand historic geopolitical change. He is a frequent commentator on national and international television and radio, with appearances on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, Fox, MSNBC and CNN International, among other stations. His next book, on the future of US strategy towards China is forthcoming in 2023.

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Arguably, any understanding of the Russian invasion of Ukraine must take into account the Beijing Winter Olympics or, rather, the meeting there of Presidents Xi and Putin. They held extensive talks about the state of the world and about their relationship. When they finished, they declared that friendship between China and Russia “has no limits” and that “there are no forbidden areas of cooperation.” Can there be any doubt that included Putin’s war plans as well as Xi’s willingness to provide support when the much-advertised Western sanctions eventually kicked in?

Why did Xi apparently green light Putin’s war? What does China potentially gain from war in Europe? How does this war fit into China’s long-term strategy?

Almost a year ago, Jonathan Ward shared with us his thinking about “China’s Vision of Victory,” which was also the title of a book he had recently published. Now he reflects on China’s role in Russia’s war and the implications for the United States and the rest of the West.  

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  1. Gert Frej

    It seems clear that XI and Putin made an agreement on Putins plan to invade Ukraine.

    However It seems not likely that XI grasped the problems on the field in Ukraine.

    Therefore XI will withdraw from their mutual declaration.

  2. Diana Lizette Esser

    Power games are clearly under way, Xi wants to overthrow USA’s influences on geopolitical factors which under Trump’s ruling times was a clear “No go zone”, but Trump did stop China from expanding it’s world power policies and it’s manufacturing machinery. Nowadays with Biden’s presidency, Xi & Putin know that the USA under Biden is a declining power as shown with the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving behind to the Taliban 167 aircraft, nearly 100 vehicles, 33 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, MD-530 helicopters, 23 A-29 light attack planes, 43 MD-530s, C-130 Hercules, Sea Knights, Chinook helicopters, 70 mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs unit cost between $500,000-$1m), 27 Humvee all-terrain military vehicles, 16,000 night-vision goggles and other military equipment now used by Talibans (unit cost of an A-29 has been quoted more than $10m). With Biden’s instintive withdrawal of Afghanistan, he has weaken UNO, USA, UK, Canada, it´s European allies & NATO which gives Russia, China, Iran & India the greenlight to invade any other country. Biden with his mistaken decisions influenced by leftists, ecologists, BLM, climate change activists, feminists lobbies and Agenda 2030 has given strength to countries like Russia, China, Iran & India. USA has been weakened by Trump with America First and now with Biden who has halted the oil industry and made USA dependent again on fuel with increasing fuel prices (40% dependent on Russian gas is Germany). Therefore, sanctions to Russia are not enough to stop the invasion and war crimes. Putin has Xi’s support, although the vilain is Putin! China will give support to Putin underground and will be the new world leader due to Biden’s frailties and weaknesses. USA needs a stronger leader because Biden’s failures to stop war and defend peace have failed as well as with his allies. Therefore, China will certainly invade Taiwan because also UNO has proven to be inoperative and difunctional with Russia’s invasion to Ukraine. Why didn’t UNO expel Russia with it´s war crimes on Ukranian civilians? Nor USA, UK, NATO, EU, UNO have the power nor the intelligence to STOP a political beast, the story repeats again, year 2022 we have a new Stalin II and Ukraine is being hammered with bombs of mass destruction and the white collars of UNO, USA, EU, NATO & UK have been sitting behind their desks, except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia with brave PMs who have been in Kiev giving support to Zelenskyy and the Ukranian people whilst before this invasion EU & NATO were offering Ukriane to be a member and when Ukraine desperately needed them, they vanished with the excuse they did not want a III World War, yet, Putin will keep on seezing more European countries because the world is now facing a liar and dangerous Zar Stalin II supported by China and what we observe are the Western countries clearly showing their weaknesses and cowardness. The world’s order has changed to worse due to the lack of courage, strength, diplomatic efforts between the powerful countries because in this war Ukraine is only a geopolitical catch, but courageous Ukranians are fighting with love towards their country: “SLAVA UKRAYINI!

  3. Robert Walker

    Are you complicit in creating a ‘bi-polar’ devision in the ‘multi-polar’ world?


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