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The core of Tällberg’s activities are conversations among experts and non-experts aimed at provoking“New Thinking for a New World”.

Thinking for a New World

Since the Tällberg Foundation is fundamentally nomadic, these conversations are held wherever they raise the likelihood of generating new insights—ranging from discussions about climate at research stations on the deep ice in Greenland to explorations of disruptive technologies at university labs in New York and Cambridge, MA to discussions about migration in Lesvos and Tangiers. Of course, they are also held online, with input from Fellows, laureates and others.

Recent events

The Great Restart

The Tällberg Foundation hosted a workshop in Vamvakou, Greece on May 7 – 8, 2022. The workshop program centered on two full days of conversation about how to get from where we are as the pandemic loosens its grip to where we need to be as a functioning, global society. What have we learned in […]

Watch the webinar “War!”

Most of us thought the war in the Balkans would be the last conflict in Europe; the last time that armies would invade, civilians dies and borders changed by force. We were wrong. A revanchist Russia, led by President Putin, is trying to redraw borders, roll back history, and change Europe’s security reality. This is […]

What does it take to be a leader today?

Watch the interactive, virtual celebration of the 2021 Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize winners. The program combines interviews with the winners, roundtable conversations about leadership, and COP26. Participating are the four extraordinary winners of the Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prizes, with the courage, wisdom, creativity and values to operate in — and try to improve — a […]

Webinar: Save the Seas

Do you care about the future of the oceans? Are you worried that pollution, acidification and warming of the seas could transform the planet as much as—maybe more than what’s happening to the rainforests? Watch the conversation recorded on November 16 with oceanographers Sylvia Earle from the United States and Asha de Vos from Sri […]

Are we really all in this together?

The global pandemic was a test of the proposition that global problems not only need global solutions, but that if the crisis is big enough, then those global solutions will be forthcoming. If so, we failed and—as the pandemic continues to roil countries, ruin lives, and damage futures even while “mission accomplished” celebrations break out […]

Join the Webinar: Sustainable Democracy?

A panel of young leaders from Hungary, Venezuela, Poland and South Sudan, who are on the front lines of fighting for real, sustainable democracy, will discuss what they have learned in their struggles and how we can make the forces for good governance more muscular. Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 Time: 11am EST, 5pm CEST […]

Do you believe in Magic?

Our world is a mess. Pandemic, recession, accelerating climate change, refugees frustrated in their search for better lives, political frustration spilling into the streets: stress and distress are almost everywhere. What can we do—as individuals and as leaders—to change the play, to break out of a truly vicious circle? How about some magic? Not the […]

Online Conversation: Long COVID

International health expert and physician Dr. Kees Rietveld worries that instead of a fast exit from COVID we are entering a twilight scenario of Long COVID. We recently published his opinion piece, in which he makes the case that we might be looking at years, not months, before something resembling “normal” is once again actually […]

Online Conversation: American Agonies

January 6, 2021 is now one of those days seared in our memories.   What happened in Washington was awful, but perhaps inevitable—maybe necessary—eruption; a catharsis to bleed off the poison.  Donald Trump is all but finished, and the most virulent brand of Trumpism has been revealed in all its base, vile thuggery.  That’s good, not […]

Online Workshop: Making Democracy Work

On December 8 and 9, 2020, the Tällberg Foundation celebrated the 2020 winners of the Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize during a virtual workshop. The theme of the meeting was “Making Democracy Work” which encompassed a range of interviews, panels, and performances. See the program for both days here. Day 1 Global Leaders! Meet the winners […]

Online Conversation: Right/Wrong

On October 28, Juan Enriquez presented his latest book for members of the Tällberg Foundation network. How rapid changes in technology could lead to rapid changes in ethics and, more importantly, how we can have civil conversations. Juan Enriquez is one of the world’s leading authorities on the economic and political impacts of life sciences. […]

Online Conversation: Triple shock

The triple shock of pandemic, lockdown and economic collapse has rocked countries, communities and citizens around the world. Imagine the impact on refugees and migrants, caught in mid flight between their dangerous homes and less-than-welcoming destinations. The dramatic burning of what had been described as Europe’s largest refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece—probably started by desperate […]

Recordings from Webinars

Webinar: Disruptive Technologies: Good, Bad and Ugly Recording from Wednesday May 6, 2020 A panel of innovation leaders will discuss their efforts to create new technologies and new solutions to some of the challenges of our times–and what could go wrong, even when innovators have the best intentions. Panelists: Dr. George Njenga, Executive Dean of Strathmore, […]

Webinar: Global Order Amidst Global Disorder

The global architecture built in the late 1940s served mankind well. Yet the global system has evolved: Cold War, the United States as the sole superpower, the emergence of China and today’s hodgepodge of multiple power centers. What’s next—and what might be in Egypt’s and, more broadly, the Middle East’s best interests? Date: Thursday May […]

Webinar: Disruptive Technologies: Good, Bad and Ugly

A panel of innovation leaders will discuss their efforts to create new technologies and new solutions to some of the challenges of our times–and what could go wrong, even when innovators have the best intentions. Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2020 8am New York, 2pm Stockholm, 3pm Nairobi The panelists are: Dr. George Njenga, Executive Dean of […]

A Conversation with Rafa Yuste

On January 31, 2018 Winner, Rafa Yuste, hosted a group from the Tällberg Foundation network for a tour of his lab, a presentation of key aspects of his research, and a discussion of the profound ethical implications of the current explosion of knowledge about the brain. Rafa’s current work, using laboratory mice, focuses on investigating […]

Tällberg Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya

Tällberg in Kenya – New Thinking for a New World The Tällberg Foundation, launched in 1981, exists to provoke thinking—and action based on thinking— about the issues that are challenging the evolution of liberal democracies. Those challenges are profound: the world that we have known since the mid 20th century, which produced unprecedented peace as […]

Tällberg Workshop in Cairo, Egypt

We live at a time of profound changes in global and regional political structures, real time climate change, increasingly disruptive technologies (whose potential—good or bad—beggar the imagination), and collapsing trust in leaders as well as in institutions. Too many people in too many countries are too afraid of their futures. The workshop will parse these […]

Thought experiments

Answer: The Tällberg Foundation’s recent workshop, “Inside Every Utopia is Dystopia,” which was hosted by Fio Omenetto at Silk Lab at Tufts University in Boston, on January 17th. Prominent scientists—including two recent winners of the foundation’s Eliasson Global Leadership Prize, Omenetto and Rafael Yuste—engaged with engineers, academics, NGO leaders, investors, artists, designers, and more (see […]

A Tällberg Workshop in Mexico City

Our daily news feeds tell the story of a transformational time: Trade and financial sanctions picking apart long established global supply chains; Voters increasingly choosing anti-establishment candidates in rejection of the centrist politics of more than half a century; Borders being raised or reinforced against people and ideas that are seen to threaten national identity; […]


The 21st Century is quickly evolving into an era defined by global disruption, as socio-economic changes and groundbreaking technological advancements are seemingly having a major impact and are turning upside down standard modes of operation, models and assumptions in every area of life, including the field of philanthropy. The conference examined, among others, the effects […]

Can we Bend the Arc in the Age of Migration?

In March, 2016 the Tällberg Foundation convened a workshop on the Greek island of Lesvos to explore the dynamics of mass migration under the flag of “A Clash of Civilizations.” Instead of a “clash”—or, for that matter, much “civilization”—we experienced the horrific, hopeful, feared and fearful reality of people desperate to find new lives largely […]

Leadership in the 21st Century

Leadership in the 21st Century: “The times, they are a-changin’ ” November 28-29, 2017 New York, USA It’s been more than half a century since Bob Dylan first sang the words that became an anthem for the turbulent 60s, an era when “revolution” or, at least revolutionary change seemed to be in the air. Today […]

To Lead or Not to Lead?

The Tällberg Foundation has a history of recognizing and engaging pathfinding leaders who are seeking to make a difference in an increasingly complicated global environment. We believe that the times demand leaders who rethink assumptions, imbue their work in a deep commitment to ethical action, leverage challenges into opportunities and nourish networks of engagement. Identifying, […]

Clash of Civilizations?

The Tällberg Workshop on Lesvos. Clash of Civilizations? March 2016 As at all Tällberg Foundation meetings, the goal of this workshop was to question and explore, without prejudice, the dynamics of an issue which has enormous consequences not only for the refugees fleeing political and economic instability but for the people of Europe who are […]

Learning journey to Greenland

EGRIP ( is an international project and the EGRIP camp, established during the summer of 2015, is in the center of the East Greenland ice stream and is the successor to a multiyear science program. Dr. Dorthe Dahl Jensen from the University of Copenhagen and the Niels Bohr Institute, Ice and Climate Program, will lead […]

Everything old is new: power in the 21st century

Tällberg Workshop in Helsinki, Finland Everything old is new: power in the 21st century Tällberg Workshop in Helsinki June 2015 For years the tension has been growing between the obvious need to address issues beyond the reach of national politicians—like climate change, mass migration, weapons proliferation—and national politicians’ unwillingness to act in the interest of […]

What’s leadership got to do with it?

What’s leadership got to do with it? in Stockholm, Sweden November 2015 We considered  leadership from a number of perspectives and guiding questions: What are the new questions being asked of leaders today? What do we need to understand, identify and cultivate in the next generation of global leaders?    How would we know a great […]

Bridging gaps and crossing borders

TechCamp Scandinavia – Bridging gaps and crossing borders, which will be held in Malmö, Sweden on October 1- 2, 2015. The evolving dynamics of identity, culture and communication are essential to the development of democratic, open and free societies. The media, traditional and online, have a crucial role to play in these developments. Indeed, the […]


The Tällberg Workshop at CERN (TW@C) aimed to explore the implications for mankind and society of the accelerating pace of evolution, in all its dimensions: the cosmos, the planet, homo sapiens, technology, and social organization. We live in a fracturing world where the pace of change has become a source of further change; the more […]
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