Jan 29, 2024

The Tällberg Foundation launched its new mentoring program during 25-28 January 2024, at the University of Pavia. Tällberg Leaders Mentoring Leaders matches emerging leaders from a wide range of countries and disciplines with equally diverse established leaders in a year-long work program that aims to accelerate their leadership journeys.

All of the enormous challenges that confront our societies can at least be managed if we have more leaders who are prepared to think differently about their leadership. We hope to leverage mentors’ experiences and learnings—successes as well as failures—so that emerging leaders can seize their opportunities as soon as possible.

The mentees in the class of 2024, coming from 11 countries, were nominated through an online open process, vetted by the Tällberg Foundation’s research team and ultimately selected by a global jury. Mentors are all volunteers from Tällberg’s global network.

The application process for the class of 2025 will be open from March 15-May 15.





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