Webinar: Closing the Migrant Education Gap

Apr 9, 2024

Watch the Tällberg conversation ‘Closing the Migrant Education Gap’. An expert panel, including Caroline Kronley, President of the Tinker Foundation; Lala Lovera, Founder of Fundación Comparte Por Una Vida, Colombia; and Pashtana Durrani, Co-founder and Managing Director of LEARN, Afghanistan, shares their experiences and knowledge as they explore the challenges of closing the migrant education gap.

It is axiomatic that we live at a time of mass migration. More and more people are on the move—within or between countries—either fleeing catastrophe or seeking prosperity. We hear a lot about the humanitarian challenges spawned by the great diaspora—hunger, security, housing, health care—but what about the educational challenges? Every one of those images of families on the move or of overcrowded refugee camps are pictures of children not in proper, well-resourced classrooms. Those stories are unlikely to end well.

What can be done? How to provide decent educational opportunities to migrants and refugees? Can technology help? How should teaching methods and curricula be modified? Are there ways to share best practices among educators who are experimenting with new solutions?

You are invited to join a Tällberg conversation on April 24, 4 PM CET (10 AM EDT). An expert panel including Caroline Kronley, President of the Tinker Foundation, Lala Lovera, founder of the Fundación Comparte Por Una Vida, Colombia and Pashtana Durrani, Co-Founder and Managing Director of LEARN, Afghanistan will share their experience and knowledge as they explore the challenges of “Closing the Migrant Education Gap.”


Caroline Kronley is the Tinker Foundation’s third President. Previously, she worked as the Managing Director for Strategy at the Rockefeller Foundation, leading the development of new programmatic initiatives. Earlier in her career, she was a management consultant at Katzenbach Partners as well as Booz & Company where she served a broad range of clients on strategy and organizational performance. Caroline worked for a number of years in Mexico, where she oversaw strategic planning activities for a microfinance institution. In this role, she designed and led marketing, partnership, training, and program evaluation initiatives. She graduated from Haverford College with a degree in history and a concentration in Latin American studies and holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

Lala Lovera has over 17 years experience in the social sector specializes in aiding children, youth, and mothers. She drives alliances and sustainability as a nonprofit board member and founded Fundación Comparte Por Una Vida in Colombia, focusing on stabilizing and aiding Venezuelan migrants. Previously, she led programs for children’s rights and adoption at Casa de la Madre y El Niño Foundation. With a background in Education and Social Management, Lala is dedicated to ending malnourishment in migrant families, fostering community development, and replicating successful models across Colombia. She actively participates in philanthropy, migration, and child welfare forums. Lala is from Venezuela and has lived in Colombia for more than 11 years.

Pashtana Durrani (Boston, MA) is an Afghan human rights activist and community development expert whose focus is girls’ education. Durrani is the founder of LEARN Afghanistan (@LearnAfg), a grassroots organization established to safely and securely provide education to girls through a distributed network of tablet computers using an offline platform. Through LEARN, she has educated 7,000 girls and boys in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and trained more than 80 teachers in digital literacy. LEARN also focuses on girls’ health, and has trained 700 girls in menstrual hygiene management.

Durrani was named an Education Champion by the Malala Fund for her outstanding work to advance Afghan girls’ education. She was a global youth representative for Amnesty International and a board member of the steering committee for the Global Environment Facility, an international partnership to address pressing environmental concerns. She is also a winner of the 2021 Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize,  Emerging Leader category, which recognizes leaders who have addressed complex global challenges in innovative ways. Her outstanding work placed into The BBC’s 2021 Most Influential Women list, as well as the 2021 #Times100talks

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