Will leaders be driven by values in times of crisis and panic?

Apr 29, 2020

This online conversation is part of the series of conversations "Hunkered Down Alone Together."

We are joined by Ambassador Jan Eliasson, Shahidul Alam and Sitawa Namwalie to talk about values.  At this moment of crisis and panic, if countries, companies, religions and other organizations—but, most importantly, their leaders—aren’t driven by universal, human values, they seem destined to fail.  Now more than ever, we need our moral compasses or we will be doomed to end up in bad places, as individuals and as societies.  However, “values” don’t seem to be the filter that most are using as they respond to the challenges of Covid-19 and its consequences.  Can we bend the arc?  And, can we do it in time?

We invite you to listen to the New Thinking for a New World podcast on The value(s) of democracy with Shahidul Alam

The online conversation took place on April 23 as part of the Tällberg SNF Fellows “Hunkered Down Alone Together Conversations”, a weekly long-distance discussion series.

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