What is the state of the union?

May 27, 2020

This online conversation is part of the series of conversations "Hunkered Down Alone Together."

Has the American dream become an American carnage? The  Covid-19 epidemic has laid bare many pre-existing fissures and deep distress in American society.  Can the exhausted majority reassert itself through this crisis?  Will the epidemic focus minds on a culture of competence and experience with regards to leaders and their teams and more generally organizations? These are some of the questions Scott Miller, CEO of the Core Strategy Group and Co-founder of Sawyer/ Miller Strategic Consulting Group, and Josh Steiner, Chairman of Castleton Commodities, a Senior Advisor to Bloomberg LP and who serves on a variety of for and non-profit boards including Yale University, address in conversation.

We encourage you to listen to the podcast with Scott and Josh on this topic here: The American Condition

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