Our world is a mess. Pandemic, recession, accelerating climate change, refugees frustrated in their search for better lives, political frustration spilling into the streets: stress and distress are almost everywhere. What can we do—as individuals and as leaders—to change the play, to break out of a truly vicious circle?
How about some magic? Not the “close your eyes and think good thoughts” kind that revived Tinker Bell (although good thoughts are always a good idea), but the kind that can get us to think differently about what seems to be reality. Because, if we think differently about the daunting challenges that seem to be everywhere we look, perhaps they can be transformed into opportunities to make the world a better place.

On March 24th the Tällberg Foundation and the Pivot Projects invite you to a magic show—or, truth in advertising—a program of magic and magical thinking about leaders leading. The program will combine interactive magic (there is no other kind!), conversation among a small group of leaders from around the world about transformative leadership, a meeting with the great apes of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the amazing capabilities of sweat (yes, sweat). And the opportunity for you to engage around a simple question: how do we change this mess into the world we want?

It will probably take magic.

View the video of the session here.

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