Will Democracy Survive Covid-19?

Apr 16, 2020

In this episode, Gabriela Cuevas and Paula DiPerna, discuss the risk that our democracies could be another casualty of Covid-19—and what we should do about it.

Democracy and democratic institutions were under severe pressure well before the novel Coronavirus appeared. Could the added burden of the pandemic break the back of democracy as we have known it? How worried should we be by governments proclaiming wartime powers and instituting new kinds of location and information tracking, all in the name of safety?

In this weeks episode, Gabriela Cuevas, Mexican Congresswoman and Inter-Parliamentary Union President, and Paula DiPerna, strategic environmental advisor and former U.S. congressional candidate, discuss the risk that our democracies could be another casualty of Covid-19—and what we should do about it.

Both Gaby and Paula have served as jurors for the Tällberg Eliasson Global Leadership Prize.

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