Spring Migrations / Andrew Selee

Mar 21, 2024

Mass migration is once again in the headlines around the world. This is less because of the numbers of people on the move than because it is an intensely political year—and fear of migrants is grist for politicians’ fear-mongering. The United States is the exception where both apply.

In a world of increasing conflict, weak economic growth, and populist bombast it is easy to blame migrants. And then to tighten asylum policies, pay departure countries to disrupt travel, find supposedly “safe haven” countries to dump unwanted migrants, and imagine other creative ways to broadcast the message: MIGRANTS NOT WANTED!

Andrew Selee, President of the Washington-based Migration Policy Institute, has a different idea. How about a calm, expletives-deleted, fact-based pragmatic discussion about migration and migration policies? Listen as he makes his case for an approach to migration that is legal, practical, and in the interests of both destination countries and the migrants.

Should your country accept more migrants? Tell us what you think and comment below.



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Andrew Selee is the President of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and chairs MPI Europe’s Administrative Council. He’s an expert in global migration, with a focus on US, Latin American, and Caribbean immigration policies. Selee has authored books and contributes opinion pieces to various publications. He’s an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, with prior teaching roles at other universities. Selee co-directed the Regional Migration Study Group and served on the Board of Directors of the YMCA of the USA. Before MPI, he spent 17 years at the Woodrow Wilson Center, where he founded the Mexico Institute. Selee holds a PhD in policy studies, an MA in Latin American studies, and a BA, and was selected as an Andrew Carnegie Fellow.


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