The Millennial Future

Jun 4, 2020

Are there possibilities for a different future to emerge from the Covid crisis?

Are there possibilities for a different future to emerge from the Covid crisis? Listen to Rosario Diaz Garavito, Baiqu Gonkar and David Ross, discuss the possibilities for a different future to emerge from the Covid crisis.

Rosario Diaz Garavito is the founder and Chief Executive Director of The Millennials Movement, current UN NGO Major Group Operating Partner LATAM and United Nations Major Group of Children and Youth Focal LAC Regional Caucus Coordinator. Obama Scholar 2019 and Candidate for the Master Degree on International Development and Policy at Harris School of Public Policy at the Chicago University.

Rosario is a Former Women Champion 2015 – 2016 for UN Women – Empower Women Global Movement for Women Empowerment; former UNV for the Poverty and Environment Initiative UNDP; Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative 2016 fellow and UNLEASH 2017 talent. She is a specialist in SDGs and Sustainable Development Plans and Youth Policies for Sustainable Development. Bachelor’s in law, and Her work was recognized by the Vice Presidency of Peru, the Regional Coordinator of the UN System in Peru, The United Nations Millennium Campaign, AIESEC International with the Leader for Peace Award.

Baiqu Gonkar. Born in Tibet and growing up in London, her childhood experiences profoundly shaped her and instilled in her a great sense of social responsibility. Graduating with a degree in Politics and International Relations, she started her first business at the age of 23.

In 2015, she founded Art Represent, an award-winning nonprofit enterprise that empowers artists from conflict areas to drive positive change in the world.

For the last 4 years, Baiqu has been leveraging her experience in entrepreneurship and tech to empower other entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses that can make a contribution.

David Ross, Environmental entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in waste-energy, SMART recycling and logistics management. Former Program Director U.S. Dept. of Energy, and current COO of Copia, a food resource technology and management platform.

  • COO Copia – Managing accelerated company growth in the redistribution and distribution of food resources to those in need through our proprietary tech platform and management team.
  • CEO of SMART Recycling, 2nd largest organic hauler and composter in the SouthEast – Grew company 280% in two years
  • Program Director at US Dept of Energy – Managed $3.2 Billion Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)
  • Managing Director of MultiGen international – developed waste-to-energy projects using gasification, pyrolysis, landfill-gas, anaerobic digestion and composting.

In the midst of a global pandemic, many countries, leaders and people have turned local.  That is not all bad: some people are working to strengthen their local communities, exploring new grassroots solutions and showing support for local businesses. Could these contribute to a new normal that is more people-oriented and more sustainable?  Is it possible to build a new kind of globalism from the ground up?

Listen to Rosario Diaz Garavito, founder of The Millennials Movement, Baiqu Gonkar, founder of Art Represent and David Ross, an environmental entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in waste-energy, discuss the possibilities for a different future to emerge from the Covid crisis in this episode of the Tällberg Foundation’s New Thinking for a New World podcast.

Listen to the episode here or find us on a podcast platform of your choice,(ItunesSpotifyAcastStitcherLibsyn, etc).


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