People-Centered Justice / Allyson Maynard-Gibson

Nov 2, 2023

It’s commonplace today to bemoan the erosion of democracy almost everywhere. Seemingly endless polls document citizens’ complaints; even more academic books and papers seek to explain the problem. But maybe we are overthinking this. Maybe the “democracy” problem is at its core a “justice” problem—meaning that because too many people in too many places lack adequate access to justice and cannot resolve basic legal problems that plague them, they have—understandably—begun to doubt democracy itself.

Why is that? What can be done? Is it simply about rekindling trust in judges, courts, and due process—although there is nothing simple about regaining trust once lost? Or do we need to find new ways to make justice work for people?

Despite, or maybe because Allyson Maynard-Gibson is a barrister and former attorney general and minister for legal affairs of the Bahamas, she firmly believes that the solution lies in people-centered justice that explores new solutions beyond the established institutions. Listen as she discusses a new way of thinking about how people can find the justice they deserve.

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Since serving two terms as Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs of The Bahamas, Allyson Maynard-Gibson KC spends much of her time working in the access to justice space, with focus on people-centered justice. She served on the Task Force on Justice and continues her efforts as a member of Justice Leaders and Club de Madrid and speaker in many international fora.


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