SPOTLIGHT: War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things

Oct 24, 2023

The war between Israel and Hamas is a classic “lose/lose” proposition: there can be no winners, with a range of outcomes that stretch from bad towards disastrous. Is this just one more awful conflict in a region whose history is pockmarked by war, violence and hate? Or is there a chance that this bloodletting—as brutal and awful as it has already been—could eventually create a different dynamic?

That’s the glimmer of hope in this Tällberg SPOTLIGHT piece by Alan Stoga, geopolitical observer and chairman of the Tällberg Foundation. From time to time we intend to present solo views designed to encourage your engagement. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Spotlight is a special edition of the Tällberg Foundation’s New Thinking for a New World podcast series. While our usual format is conversational, from time to time we will feature a single voice on a global issue of importance. That makes you the conversation partner, so let us know what you think.


  1. Julia Bolton Holloway

    Biblically an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, was a statute of limitations, no more than a life for a life. I see the tragedy of Israel as a dominoing onto the Palestinians what had been done to Jews by Germans because of the instability following WWI and the Reparations payments the Allies forced on her. We are all to blame. The Israeli woman hostage magnificently turned back to her captor, shook his hand with saying ‘Shalom’. This is wisdom. This is peace. Edward Said spoke of his exile and inability to return to his birthplace, Jerusalem, while others if they were Jewish could use the Law of Return to do so though not born there, as unjust.

    • Muhammad Amjad Noor

      Is this human crisis unjustifiable not crime or Social harassment; or political mileage transformation crisis in,
      Social discrimination edge over
      Political violence.

  2. Muhammad Amjad Noor

    Are stance be might rever abduct this social crime or between crisis rise over the weaken this participation world need of some constructive interference may evolve from the soul of rise of vego and conjustant memo

  3. Mohannad Haddadin

    The dangerous escalation that we are witnessing in our region, especially from the Israeli side, is the result of the political vacuum in the Middle East that resulted from the United States and Europe’s preoccupation with the Russian-Ukrainian war. This coincided with the heated situation in East Asia, especially on the Taiwanese island between China and the United States. This left a political and military vacuum in the Middle East by the United States and Europe.
    The Palestinian issue, which lived for 75 years without a solution on the basis of two states, with Palestinian state would be established next to Israel on the borders of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, under the auspices and commandments of the Hashemites for the Islamic and Christian sanctities, all of this on the basis of UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 238,as well as the peace conference that was launched in 1991 under international sponsorship, all of this did not help global diplomacy to find the political horizon to achieve this solution, which the King of Jordan called for since he assumed his powers in Jordan in 1999, as a strategic option to achieve world peace and to safe the region from entering into the unknown.
    Failure to stop the bombing of civilians in Gaza today before tomorrow will inflame the region and the entry of new regional players will complicate the situation. The escalation against defenseless civilians, besieging them and cutting off medicine, food, water and electricity from them and their children as one of the basics of life in light of the silence of the global conscience regarding the killing of children that is taking place there. Bombing hospitals and Islamic and Christian places of worship would create a rift between the Arab peoples and the Western peoples for decades, because they look at the situation there with humanity and justice when they see with their own eyes the elimination Palestinian people because they want to create a state for themselves to enjoy peace and prosperity like any other country in the world.
    We hope that decision-makers in the world will use the language of logic and human justice to stop the escalation, enter a period of calm, exchange hostages and prisoners between the two parties, and find the political horizon that has disappeared .
    Mohannad Abbas Haddadin
    Expert and strategic analyst


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