Are “we” capable of fixing all that is breaking? Or is it too late?

Jun 26, 2020

We're almost halfway through, what by any definition is proving to be the most interesting and probably the worst year of our time. In the face of all of this, are you surprised?

Looking for silver linings may be an integral part of the human condition.  Even during the bleakest moments—like during a global pandemic, a global recession, leadership failures and profound social stress almost everywhere—we try to find bits and pieces of positive energy and new ideas.  In this episode of Tällberg’s “New Thinking for a New World” host Alan Stoga leads  Juan Enriquez, one of the world’s leading authorities on the economic and political impact of life science technology, and Fiorenzo Omenetto,  who works at the cutting edge of living materials engineering, on a search for the upside of the global mess.

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  1. Mohamed salim

    Am sure we are capable of fixing all what’s happening if we stick together globally all nation’s we have enough strength to solve whatever abruptly invide us.if it is pandemic or anything we have an expert every where in developing countries who are there ready to fix it
    Regarding polical issues there are many intellectual who are always ready to calm the situations and bend whatever bad weather starts

  2. Salma Nashef

    Thanks for the leader Alan Stoga & the speakers Juan Enriquez & Fiorenzo Omenetto for their valuable information.

    For me I can see that there is no “late time” for any change or repair. And everything can be replaced or improved.

  3. AMROU Abderrahmane


    It must be made clear that this pandemic of “CORONA – Virus” came at a time when the whole humanity needed to make a revision of their consciousness and to enter into a deep meditation on its human vocation on Earth and on the future of this Human World which has been reduced to an enormous global disorder where anarchy, tyranny, injustice, poverty, social marginalization reign and where the most innocent, the most weak and the most fragile people are sacrificed for the insatiable pleasures of the strongest, the cleverest and the meanest .

    In addition, this “COVID-19” pandemic has made it clear to us that humanity cannot do without modernity and its technology nor its traditional and original way of life, since these are two separate complementary and vital fields for the survival of the human race in all the circumstances characterized by plagues and natural and human disasters.

    How to get out of this human disaster and what are the means to be implemented to save humanity from these pandemics, these crises, this world disorder & this global anarchy and guarantee a prosperous future for future generations?

    To simplify the things, one should not drown in complex thinking through the design of sophisticated schemes that remain hypothecated by the performance and power of the genius of science and technology.

    Because when the powerful will of nature comes into play, it implies that you have to deal with it to design the patterns of the life sciences. Thus, it is never too late to review and design everything in terms of socio-economic prospects.

    In this vision, it is obvious to admit the obsolescence of the systems and institutions that have shaped and ruled the World until today. Since the manipulation of truth and information has grown in scale, for reasons of multifaceted complicity or widespread corruption.

    This implies that the solutions are always perverted and sloppy to manage the provisional and the accessory, instead of facing the essential and the true problems caused by this status quo in world disorder and global anarchy.

    This space does not allow to get to the bottom of things, but what is important and essential to say, is that the great leaders and rulers of big foundations and international institutions of multidisciplinary reflection and analysis must sit at the table together to reflect on the best means and the most effective methods which can enable humanity to face these multidimensional crises.

    In this regard, I suggest the organization of an International Congress of International Foundations for multidisciplinary reflection and analysis on the destiny of the human nation.

    Consequently, the concept of the “Interdependence” between the States and the Governments is an indisputable evidence which can make it possible to overcome the impotence and the incapacity of the fragile Governments in the exceptional situations of great natural and human disasters

    Mr. Abderrahmane AMROU

  4. Yessy

    Never too late to fix things though sometimes it cant be like it was to be. What is more important is how face it and we r willing to adjust to what we have now.


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