Almost seven months ago, Hamas terrorists stormed into Israel murdering, raping, and kidnapping. In response, Israel launched its attack on Gaza that has reportedly killed at least 34,000 people (mostly civilians), leveled much of the Gaza Strip, significantly degraded Hamas’s military capacity, and killed many senior Hamas political and military commanders.

Yet the war continues and, no surprise, has spread to include Houthis, Hezbollah, Iran and a coalition of US, European and Arab forces. And the conflict has roiled politics in America and in Europe, with consequences yet to be seen.

Even though the fighting has not ended, it’s possible to think about how the conflict may be changing political dynamics in the Middle East. Are the Israelis more secure? Do the Palestinians have more possibility of achieving a state for themselves? Are Iran and Israel more or less likely to engage in a wider, deadlier war? And, what are the limits to U.S. support for Israel; indeed, is a break possible?

Armin Rosen, a US-based journalist for Tablet Magazine, has already published some of his answers to those questions and joins host Alan Stoga to share his insights about Israel, Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, America, the region and, of course, the war. 

What do you think? Is peace possible? Let us know and comment below.


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Armin Rosen is a New York-based senior writer for Tablet Magazine. He has reported from across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for a range of publications, including the New Republic, the Atlantic, and the Wall Street Journal. Before working at Tablet he was military and defense editor at Business Insider, where he received an International Reporting Project fellowship to fund a series of articles about Niger’s uranium industry. He has written dozens of essays and reported pieces for Tablet, including definitive profiles of Ilhan Omar and Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant.



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  1. Chukwunonye Chuks Nweke

    Although, Since The Pronouncement Of The Ceasefire Powered By Egypt And Qatar On May 5,2024, There Have Being A Lot Of Jubilations Amongst The The Palestinians, Particularly Gaza Strips, The Sole Reason Being That Hamas Have Finally Accepted A Ceasefire With Israel. Before Now, To Be Precise, Particularly, November,2023, There Was A Truce Initiated By The Same Egypt And Qatar, But That Truce Worked Half Way And Could Not Achieve It’s Goal. But Now That Hamas Has Accepted Ceasefire And Israel Are Still Reviewing The Content Of The Ceasefire. Hopefully It Will Work To An Extent Too. At least We’re Very Confident That, The Aim Of The Ceasefire, Hamas Releasing All Israeli Hostages And Israel Stop All Their Military Operations In Palestine.


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