Tällberg Workshop in Cairo, Egypt

The Tällberg Foundation workshop—Leadership in a Disrupted World—took place in Cairo on March 24 and 25. In collaboration with the School of Public Affairs and Public Policy of the American University of Cairo (AUC), we explored together issues and trends that shape the challenges to leaders in the 21st century.

Inside Every Utopia is Dystopia

We are all aware of the accelerating pace of technological innovation. What alternative futures are available, how can we choose among them, and who should make those choices?

A Tällberg Workshop in Mexico City

What’s a leader to do? How to maneuver in a world where many of the fixed points seem to be in motion? How to define and sustain a vision, and translate it into action? What is the role of values—and whose values matter?

Shaping the Future:

In April a Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize winners was invited to take part in a World Leaders Forum at Columbia University. The conversation on leadership was moderated by Vishakha Desai


Watch the session "Artificial Intelligence and its disruptive potential", moderated by Alan Stoga, chairman of the Tällberg Foundation, from the Seventh Annual Stavros Niarchos Foundation International Conference on Philanthropy in Athens Greece.

Leadership in the 21st Century

We convened the network—including Tällberg’s board, the prize jury, and others—for a two-day workshop on Leadership in the 21st Century: “The times, they are a-changin’ ”

Polarization in the 21st Century: YOU’RE WRONG! (and I am right)

The polarization program, as part of SNF's conference, includes a series of panels, interactive sessions with the audience, artistic performance, presentations and other elements designed not just to inform, but also to engage the audience in thinking about polarization and its consequences.

Alternative Futures

We—modern post-industrial societies—are in the early stages of a radical transformation of how our economies and societies work, based on an onslaught of disruptive technologies that are only beginning to emerge. The Tällberg Foundation workshop series started in the Life Sciences Labs at MIT on April 12-13, 2017.

Clash of Civilizations?

We convened a workshop on the underlying cause and potential long-term consequences of Europe’s refugee crisis, Clash of Civilizations? The workshop was held on the island of Lesvos, Greece.  Our goal was to question and explore, without prejudice, the dynamics of an issue which has enormous consequence not only for the refugees fleeing political and economic instability, but for the people of Europe who are welcoming or fearing them.

To Lead or Not to Lead?

On 28-30 November 2016 in Amsterdam, we not only awarded the 2016 Tällberg Global Leadership prizes, but also brought together the Global Leaders of 2015 & 2016 with invited participants from Tällberg’s network and elsewhere.  

Learning journey to Greenland

The Tällberg Foundation organized a small delegation of observers to the East Greenland Ice Research Project (EGRIP) to facilitate understanding of the dynamics of the ice sheet and its relationship to climate change.  

Everything old is new: power in the 21st century

The workshop considered demographics, culture, religion, technology, economics, history, political structures, military capabilities, etc.. The idea was to explore fundamental, long term dynamics that are likely to define the next generation of geopolitics.

What's leadership got to do with it?

 The gathering looked at on the challenges of leadership in a rapidly evolving world. The discussions focused on unpacking what it means to lead in the 21st century. The newly named Tallberg Global Leaders, who emerged from the 2015 Tallberg Foundation Global Leadership Prize process, were among the participants.

A screening of "JIHAD -A story of the others"

On the evening of November 10, the Tällberg Foundation together with the documentary filmmaker Deeyah Khan hosted a public screening of her documentary “JIHAD - A story of the others” about radical Islam, followed by a panel discussion on the impact of radical Islam in and on Europe.


October 21-23, 2014, the Tällberg Foundation convened a workshop at CERN, Switzerland to explore the implications of the accelerating pace of evolution, in all its dimensions.

Bridging gaps and crossing borders

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, reflecting changes in technology as well as changes in how consumers want to access, consume and interact with information.  Media organizations everywhere face similar challenges in reaching new generations of digitally savvy users, who are more comfortable swiping a smartphone than opening a traditional newspaper or magazine.