Online Workshop: Making Democracy Work

Dec 23, 2020

On December 8 and 9, 2020, the Tällberg Foundation celebrated the 2020 winners of the Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize during a virtual workshop. The theme of the meeting was “Making Democracy Work” which encompassed a range of interviews, panels, and performances. See the program for both days here.

Day 1
Global Leaders! Meet the winners of the 2020 Tällberg Eliasson Global Leadership Prize. Each will be interviewed by a member of the jury that selected them, exploring their approach to leadership, discussing their successes and failures, and defining how they will cope with a world that needs to be pushed in better directions. See the recording here:


Day 2

This time we will look forward, toward the world that awaits us in the coming new year. In addition to conversations about leadership, you can expect some poetry and even some magic. See the recording below

Leadership in a time of Covid: what have we learned; what should we forget; what have we missed? If nothing else, the pandemic has tested us, as individuals and as leaders. There was no time for careful contemplation as the walls were collapsing on institutions and organizations, on established processes and regulations, on accepted ways of doing both the ordinary and the unusual. We had to learn to be alone, together; we had to lead remotely.  Since the odds of returning to the status quo ante seem pretty low, how are we as leaders going to shape our futures?


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