The Organization

The Tällberg Foundation is overseen by a board of directors. The Tällberg Foundation works across border and across disciplines and relies on a global network of collaborators and project leaders. This model minimizes full time staff, relying on active board members and other active participants to form project committees.

Board of Directors and Senior Leadership

Our board of directors is comprised of people with versatile competence and experience as well as the knowledge, capability and expertise to lead and to support the operational management.

Alan Stoga
Chairman of the Tällberg Foundation and President, Zemi, US

Mark Abdollahian
Chief Executive Officer, ACERTAS and Professor, Claremont Graduate University, US

Kamal Amakrane
Special Adviser for Strategic Partnerships, United Nations and Adjunct Professor for International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, Morocco and USA

Defne Ayas
Curator, educator, and publisher in the field of visual art, Turkey/The Netherlands

Mats Björkman
Attorney, Setterwalls, Sweden

Terrence Checki
former Executive VP of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Head of Emerging Markets & International Affairs, US

Tom Cummings
Founder, Leading Ventures, The Netherlands

Muni Figueres
Former Ambassador of Costa Rica to the United States

Maarten Koets
Consultant, Buining & Partners and NGO executive, The Netherlands

Mike Nichonchuk
Senior Researcher, Beyond Conflict’s Social Neuroscience and Conflict Innovation Lab, US

Fiorenzo Omenetto
Frank C. Doble Professor of Engineering, and a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Tufts University, US


Chairman Emeritus

Bo Ekman
Chairman Emeritus and Founder of Tällberg Foundation
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Sara Ersson
Project leader and operational support

Cecilia Nordström
Director of Operations