Lala Lovera

Global Leaders Workshop in Athens, Greece  | June 23-25, 2023

Lala Lovera

Lala Lovera has more than 17 years of experience focusing on the social sector, with children, youth, and mothers primarily.

As a member of Boards of Directors of non-profit organizations, Lala is interested in generating alliances and sustainability of intervention models.

As the founder of the Fundación Comparte Por Una Vida, Colombia, she is committed to the implementation of solutions that contribute to the stabilization and potential return of Venezuelan migrants, being part of multidisciplinary advisory teams in NGOs, academia, public and private sectors, media, etc.

Before leading Fundación Comparte por una Vida, Colombia, she worked for more than 7 years coordinating and leading teams and programs to restore the rights of children growing up in the Colombian protection system, focusing on adoption and programs for pregnant mothers in the Casa de la Madre y El Niño Foundation in Bogotá.

Her commitment and advocacy have led her to participate in different forums and webinars on philanthropy, migration, and vulnerable children. She has participated in different public forums on philanthropy, migration, and vulnerable children. As a result, she has extensive experience leading and participating in volunteer activities with civil society and students, from collecting donations, to workshops and participating in the field with beneficiaries.

Lala obtained an Education degree in Caracas, Venezuela, and later received a specialization in Social Management, with extensive studies on the topics of International Cooperation, Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Currently, Lala Lovera is working to end the cycle of malnourishment of families affected by migration, helping them out of poverty, supporting the development of stronger communities, and enabling host countries to lay the foundations for sustainable growth and greater prosperity, specifically in Norte de Santander, Villa del Rosario, Cúcuta, and Cartagena, to replicate the successful model in Bogotá and Medellín.

Lala Lovera is from Venezuela and has lived in Colombia for more than 11 years.