Sara Rajabli

TLML | 2024 Cohort

Sara Rajabli

Sara Rajabli is a social entrepreneur, consulting psychologist and Instagram influencer on the topic of personal development, mental health and entrepreneurship. She is the first Azerbaijani social entrepreneur representing her country at the United Nations.

She founded “BUTA Art & Sweets” with 85 Euros, aiming to employ women with special needs by selling handmade vegan sweets.

Her team organized impactful events and the largest online mentorship program on social entrepreneurship in the country with 5500+ participants. She co-authored the first book on social entrepreneurship in the local language. With GIZ Azerbaijan’s support, supported launching a social enterprise in a conflict-affected region, providing jobs to displaced women.

Now Sara also works as a consulting psychologist and supports her community in maintaining mental health in challenging situations. Sara’s influence extends to her blog on psychology and entrepreneurship, which boasts 15K Instagram Followers.