Announcing the Tällberg Foundation Global Leadership Prize

The Tällberg Foundation seeks to identify and honor people who are acting—and leading—in principled ways that challenge paradigms that need to be challenged and who have the potential to inspire others to do the same.

We are happy to announce that during this year, the Tällberg Foundation will renew its prize for outstanding, principled leadership that was first awarded in 2005.  Among other changes, this year the nomination process will be open to all.  We will launch the process on May 1 on our website and through our Facebook page.

Who are we looking for? The Tällberg Foundation wants to identify and honor leaders or organisations who have demonstrated principled courage, capacity and willingness to confront the conventional wisdom with the potential to effect significant, positive societal change anywhere in the world.  The awardees’ actions must be in harmony with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

What will the winners receive? A significant monetary award and an invitation to lead a workshop coinciding with the award ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

More information will follow soon.