LärOlika – “Learning from those who are not like yourself” 

Tällberg Foundation takes on Swedish diversity challenges in new ways, in cooperation with Fryshuset and with support from the Swedish Postcode Lottery.


LärOlika is an initiative by Tällberg Foundation and Fryshuset that targets leaders and influential people from different parts of society and from various backgrounds. Each LärOlika program gathers a diverse group of up to 60 carefully selected participants to learn and share their thoughts in a variety of different settings. Through these meetings, leaders in society get broader networks, new insights and a wider understanding of society.

The first LärOlika program was launched 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. The initiative runs 2014-2016.

This initiative has financial support from the Swedish Postcode Lottery. A number of organisations support the initiative by providing venues for meetings and/or assisting in program development.


Today, most people have very few opportunities to meet individuals from other communities, since society is not structured to enable interaction across cultures/disciplines/generations.

We believe that meetings and dialogues between people with different perspectives is important for change to happen – both on a personal level and in society as a whole. Therefore, we have chosen to develop a program that builds on people’s curiosity for the unfamiliar. In a wider context, we believe that more interactions between different people is one step towards real integration in society.


Each LärOlika program consists of a set of six meetings in different locations across the city: the city centre and suburbs, urban environments and nature, as well as corporate offices, youth centres and museums. This way individuals get to visit various places within their city that they may never have had a chance or reason to visit before.

LärOlika provides the frames for the meetings, but never predicts the outcome. All meetings are based on dialogues and practical exercises between the participants.  This provides participants the opportunity to learn, become inspired and/or challenged by their peers – from very different parts of society. Participants in LärOlika contribute with their curiosity, experiences and willingness to learn from each other.


Up to 60 participants in each program are carefully chosen from the same city but vary in profession, age (18 – 90+), as well as cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with an aim of capturing perspectives from all corners of society.  For example, among previous participants are doctors, football trainers, marketing directors, writers, politicians, IT managers, artists, leaders from the finance sector, former prisoners, young activists and senior community leaders.

Chosen individuals are asked to invest their time and contribute to the program through their active participation. LärOlika charges no fees, encouraging participants to take part on equal grounds, independent to their ability to pay.

For more information in Swedish: www.larolika.se