A screening of “JIHAD -A story of the others”

On the evening of November 10, the Tällberg Foundation together with the documentary filmmaker Deeyah Khan hosted a public screening of her documentary “JIHAD – A story of the others” about radical Islam, followed by a panel discussion on the impact of radical Islam in and on Europe.

Link to the program


Deeyah Khan’s work highlights human rights, women’s voices and freedom of expression. She is the founder and CEO of production company Fuuse which creates works in the intersection of art and activism. Born in Norway to immigrant parents of Pashtun and Punjabi ancestry, the experience of living between different cultures, both the beauty and the challenges, dominates Deeyah’s artistic vision. Deeyah directed and produced the Emmy award-winning documentary on honour killing Banaz: A Love Story, Deeyah is the co-founder of the Honour Based Violence Awareness Network. Her latest  documentary Jihad: A British Story was premiered on ITV and NRK in 2015.  Deeyah is also a Ford Foundation Fellow and a recipient of the University of Oslo Human Rights Award.

In addition to Deeyah, the panelists include:

Lars Dencik

is Professor of Social Psychology. He resides in Stockholm, Sweden and is affiliated to Roskilde University, Denmark. His focus of research is the implications of societal modernization processes on everyday social life. Within this context he investigates how personal as well as cultural identities and social relations are formed and transformed.  Among his recent publications are: Homo Zappiens – a European-Jewish Way of Life in the Era of Globalisation (Berghahn Books 2006); Neo-Tribalism: Exploring the Populist Backlash to a Cosmopolitan Europe (Nova Science Publishers 2012); The Dialectics of Diaspora in Contemporary Modernity.

Dilsa Demirbag-Sten, moderator

Dilsa is an author and journalist. She has been awarded the Swedish Bar Association’s Prize for Journalism, the Natur & Kultur Foundation’s Johan Hansson prize and the Torgy Segerstedt Freedom Pen. She has written for several leading newspapers including Dagens Nyheter and Göteborgs-Posten and can now be read in The Journalist, Sweden’s oldest and largest media publication. She is a board member of the Allbright Foundation, whose aim is to promote equality and diversity in senior business positions. Dilsa is also the Executive Director of Berättarministeriet, a non-profit organization that inspires children and young people to embrace storytelling.

Ramy Essam

Ramy Essam is an Egyptian musician and activist. His goal is to, with his music as his weapon, bring global awareness for the struggle in the Middle East for democracy, human rights and social justice. Most people associate him with his participation in the Egyptian revolution in 2011. He is currently living in Sweden under a music scholarship.