Areas of work

Through studies and conversations, the Tällberg Foundation translates analyses of emerging global patterns into inspiration for change. It accomplishes this through activities in four main areas.

Main areas of work

  • Convene open-ended workshops to explore issues that are critical to the evolution of our societies, without the constraints of partisanship or political correctness.
  • The Tällberg Global Leadership Prize and Tällberg Global Leaders program
  • Outreach based on the leadership and workshop activities.

In addition to its main activity areas, the Tällberg Foundation awards two prizes each year.

Tällberg Foundation Global Leadership Prize
The one prize seeks to identify and honor people who are acting—and leading—in principled ways that challenge paradigms that need to be challenged and who have the potential to inspire others to do the same.

Tällberg Foundation Fiddlers’ Scholarship
The other award goes to a young musician from the region of Dalarna. Dalarna’s folk music has been an important part of the Tällberg Foundation’s activities around the world since its inception. We take pride in being part of this rich cultural heritage.