The Tällberg methodology, simply put, is focused on free and open learning.

The Tällberg methodology

The purpose of the Foundation, as expressed in its statutes, can be summarized with one phrase: free and open learning.

This is why, from the very beginning, we chose never to end our meetings with a Declaration, a Manifesto or a Consensus Report. Every participant takes away new insights. But most importantly, gaining a new insight carries with it a new responsibility for action by the participant.

This philosophy has made it possible for the Tällberg Foundation to stay true to its systems and humanistic approach. We represent “the interest of the whole”, and this is the basis for our exploration of the fundamental question: “How on Earth can we live together?”

The diversity of participants is a cornerstone of this type of learning process. Participants and perspectives come from all over the world to take part in our activities representing different generations and different vocational experiences and realities. This makes for eclectic gatherings. A very important rule of thumb is to strive for the audience to comprise at least fifty percent newcomers, in order to stimulate continuous renewal of the conversation.

Creating this type of learning environment cannot be done with the power of intellect and analysis alone. Tällberg activities therefore have music, poetry, dance, arts and powerful experiences in nature woven into the conversations.

These are the hallmarks of the Tällberg experience.